Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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NAHB strives to provide a welcoming environment where every person can thrive in the home building industry. The breadth of activities, expertise and professionals that support home building can only be at its very best when we all value the creativity and innovation diversity brings and work intentionally to include underrepresented groups into every part of our association and industry.

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Sub-Committee was created to review and establish best practices for developing and sustaining policies designed to enhance a diverse and inclusive membership that is representative and reflective of all communities that seek the American Dream of homeownership.

Vision Statement

We envision a membership that accurately reflects the wide variety of people who live and work in the home building industry and participate in associations that utilize their influence to create pathways for those who want to live in the homes and communities we build, improve and maintain.

Mission Statement

The NAHB DEI Sub-Committee seeks to improve and enhance an environment of diversity, equity and inclusion at all levels of the NAHB Federation through the development and dissemination of educational tools that creatively engage members to action.

DEI Toolkit

The As the voice of the home building industry, NAHB strives to provide a welcoming environment where every person can thrive. The breadth of expertise and capabilities among the professionals who support home building can only be at its best when we all value the creativity and innovation that can be achieved by including all voices.

In an increasingly competitive marketplace for talent, every employer needs to enhance its workplace on a continuous basis to attract and retain the best talent, thus the DEI Toolkit was created. This document will help business owners define, understand and provide techniques for fostering inclusivity. A glossary of key terms within the toolkit is also available here.

DEI Compact

The sub-committee also created the NAHB DEI Compact, a simple document that expresses association values as it relates to its DEI initiatives. The NAHB DEI Compact is based on five guiding principles designed to foster and cultivate an association culture that promotes and encourages diversity, equity and inclusion as a foundation of a strong NAHB Federation.

We encourage every NAHB member, affiliated home builders association and industry professional to demonstrate their commitment to NAHB’s DEI initiatives by reviewing and signing the NAHB DEI Compact.

View and sign the Compact

View and Sign the DEI Compact Add your name as a signatory to the NAHB DEI Compact.
DEI Frequently Asked Questions Get answers to your questions about the DEI Task Force and its goals.

Senior Officers Sign the Compact

NAHB leadership explain the importance of the DEI initiative. View the video.